The Northside Community Pool



One Private Lesson (30 min)Each$30.00
Set of Private Lessons (30 min)10 Lessons$260.00
Parent & Tot (30 min)
(Starfish / Duck / Sea Turtle)
10 Lessons$89.00
(Sea Otter, Salamander, Sunfish, Crocodile, Whale) (30 min)
10 Lessons$100.00
Swim Kids (Levels 1 - 5) 30 min 10 Lessons$100.00
Swim Kids (Levels 6 - 10) 45 min 10 Lessons$120.00
Jr. Lifeguard (60 min)10 Lessons$130.00
2nd and 3rd etc child in family 10% off


Under 51 hr$5.50
Under 51.5 hr$5.75
Youth (5-18)1 hr$5.75
Youth (5-18)1.5 hr$6.00
Adult1 hr$6.75
Adult1.5 hr$7.00
Senior (55+)1 hr$5.75
Senior (55+)1.5 hr$6.00
Family Swim (family of 4) * Family Price valid during Family Swims Only1 hr$19.50
Additional family member(s)1 hr$3.00
Parent & Tot (5 yrs old and under)1 hr$7.00


Parent & Tot Swim Card10 Swims$67.00
Parent & Tot Swim Card20 Swims$118.50
Adult Swim Card10 Swims$60.00
Adult Swim Card20 swims$115.25
Senior/Youth (55+ / 5-18) Swim Card10 Swims$54.50
Senior/Youth (55+ / 5-18) Swim Card20 Swims$96.75
Family of 4 Swim Card10 Swims$165.75
Family of 4 Swim Card20 swims$325.50


Pool & Room1 hr each$160.00
Room Only50 min$30.00
Pool Only1 hr$130.00
Extra Guard1 hr$15.00


Bronze Star20 hr$154.50
Bronze Medallion20 hr$180.00
Bronze Cross20 hr$180.00
Learn to Swim Instructors20hrs$255.00
Nationals and Standard First Aid48hrs$280.00
Nationals Recertification$90.00

Day Camps

March Break Day Camp  1 Day$27.50
March Break Day Camp5 Days$115.50


One Class1 hr$6.75
Card 10 Classes10 Classes$66.00
Card 20 classes20 Classes$115.50